Professional Gym in Your Pocket
Unitree Fitness PUMP
Your Pocket Gym
Excellent integration and portability
Weighs only 700 grams, rejuvenate the body anytime, anywhere.
Update with Replacement, Utility Player
Full Body Workouts
The coverage rate of multi-directional strengthened muscle groups can reach more than 90%.
One PUMP For All Your Workouts
Massive free classes with professional fitness class guidance.
Fitness Equipment Will Bring You
  • Time Saving
    Exercises can be done for the heart, lung, and muscles in less time
  • Reduce Sports Injuries
    Have more scientific exercise experience, based on better exercise protection
  • Profession
    Professional equipment brings a strong workout immersion and atmosphere
  • Lightweight and Portable
    Automatically record exercise data in real time without thinking about exercise strategies on your own
Smart APP, Vibrant Community
Resistance 2~20kg flexible adjustment, scientific force, constant and uniform.
Your 24-hours Carry-on Gym
Simple and efficient anytime, anywhere
Cool with Two-tone
Sport with New Fashion
Dual Tone Arbitrary Choice.
Boys and girls can practice to the fullest!
Ingenious craftsmanship, fitness companion.
  • Rich Accessories

    Pull Rope Handle*1

    Annular Fixing Belt*1

    Door Anchor Fixing*1

    Ankle Fixing Accessory*1

    Storage Pouch*1

    Power Cable*1

  • Reverse Charging

    Emergency charging treasure for your phone, Up to 10W back-charge.

  • Resistance 2-20KG Adjustable

    Extremely fast adjustment, scientific power, Multi-pump combination, Can replace heavy duty fitness equipment.

  • Security Guarding

    When accidentally releasing force, The PUMP returns at a uniform speed, Avoid accidental injuries.

  • New Environmental Materials

    Environmental housing, High strength bombproof black rope.

High Performance
Power comes from the bionic robot joints.
Unitree used to perform in
2021 Spring Festival Gala
2022 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony
Open Source Initiatives
To accelerate the global fitness trend, improve the average life expectancy, fully tap the possibilities of games and connecting the meta-universe, and vigorously expand the potential of PUMP, the follow-up open-source fitness pump.

Multi-device Linkage

Unified control doubles training.
Resistance Adjust Range
Resistance Adjust Range
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Material
    Composite Environmental Material
  • Battery Capacity
  • Colors
    Youthful PinkEnergetic Blue
  • Practice Way
    Wherever you go, there you PUMP
  • APP Professional Courses
    Massive professional courses in the APP, effective exercise real-time recording and feedback of exercise
Storage Pouch
Pull Rope Handle
Door Anchor Fixing
Annular Fixing Belt
Ankle Fixing Accessory
This product has been obtained
many new national utility patents.
Patent Number/Application Number

















Tips of Fitness PUMP
  • Maintenance

    Please charge your power supply regularly (recommended at least once every 5 months) to maintain its long service life.

  • Safety

    Please do not place the product in water, fire medium temperature environment (greater than 45 degrees) and low temperature environment (below -20 degrees), do not give children to play, especially do not let children contact accessories. Please choose the appropriate practice method according to your physical condition, the company does not bear other losses in the process of product use except product quality problems.

  • Notice

    Please do not fix the PUMP to anchor points with sharp edges (if some empty beams or glass door folds), and do not place suction cups on cement floors or other rough floors. Do not rub on sharp edges, which will weaken the toughness of the rope or cut the rope.

  • Service

    In the case of not affecting the integrity of the goods (no installation, no use, no human bumps, disposable seals are not unopened), no reason to return and exchange is supported within 7 days from the date of signing. The product warranty period is within 1 year and the equivalent number of uses is less than 80,000 times (20kg model), 60,000 times (10kg model), the product has performance failure, with Unitree or Unitree authorized service center testing confirmation, consumers can choose to repair free of charge.

    Any product problems can be immediately contacted online customer service or national after-sales service telephone: 400-626-6518.