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Higher Running Speed


  • Maximum continuous outdoor running speed at 3.3m/s (11.88km/h).
  • The fastest and most stable small and medium sized quadruped robot on the market. (World Record: 3.7m/s on a treadmill by MIT)
  • With the potential to be a great jogging companion.

Excellent Motion Stability


  • Advanced dynamic balancing algorithm enables A1 to quickly reach balance in different situations like impact or fall.

Patented Power System


  • The ultimate power system brings excellent performance, which is perfect of all kinds of robot competitions.
  • Crucial for high-speed running.
Function / SpecificationA1 MotorComparable Competitors
Maximun torque33.5 N·mabout 18 N·m
Weight605g480 ~ 550g
Joint Angular Acceleration FeedbackEquippedNo
Torque / Weight Ratio55.37 N·m/kg37.5 ~ 32.73 N·m/kg
Encoder Resolution15bit14bit
Output Bearing ReliabilityLarge size reliable industrial cross roller bearings.Conventional thin wall bearings, which are fragile after falling or under axial impacts.

Patented Body Structure and Layout


  • High strength and light body structure. Easy to maintain. 24V external power input. 5V, 12V, 19V power supply. Convenient for additional external equipments.
  • Equipped with high-performance dual master control (sensing master control and motion master control).
  • External interface: 4USB, 2HDMI, 2*Ethernet
  • Master control can be upgraded to TX2.
  • Standard equipments include RealSense depth cameras.
  • Capable of map building and obstacle avoidance.


Patented Sensitive foot contact


  • Integrated force sensor at each foot end. Convenient for robot to obtain realtime contact states of feet under any situations. 
  • More accurate and sensitive than those systems that estimate feet contacts using motor currents. 
  • Integrate foot contact sensor with estimated motor current foot sensor, providing more  sensitivity and reliability
  • Foot end is waterproof and dust-proof, and easy to replace after wear and tear.

Vision-based Autonomous Object Tracking


  • Realtime tracking of objects within visual range.
  • Support online machine learning of the target features.
  • Displaying the confidence of tracking using color box (green → red, 100% → 0%) 

Vision-based Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance


  • Avoid obstacle within 0.8m of the robot's visual range
  • Capable of detecting the obstacle shapes to adjust the body position
  • Realtime display of the adjustment of robot body, maximum distance and area within the visual angle, and the range of walking track.

Outstanding Software and Hardware Reliability


  • More than 6 years in the field of quadruped robot
  • One A1 robot performed backflip 80 times during CES 2020
  • Used closed-loop backflip algorithm to ensure motion stability