Go2 Foot End

Sense-sensitive, Reliable and Durable

Highly Sensitive Food End

Quickly Obtain the Food End Data, Data Support for the Precise Control

Size:45mm x 39.5mm x 48mm


Quick Replacement

Quick Replacement with Ingenious Design

Go2 Accessories List

  • The High Computing Power Module

  • The Small Servo Arm

  • The Depth Camera D435i

  • The 3D Navigation Radar (HESAI XTi6)

  • The Charging Pile

  • The 3D Navigation Radar (MID-360)

  • Dual Cameras+Three in One

  • Food End

  • The Charger

  • The Battery

  • The Remote Control

  • The Tracking Module

* This product is a civilian robot. We kindly request that all users refrain from making any dangerous modifications or using the robot in a hazardous manner.

* Please visit Unitree Robotics Website for more related terms and policies, and comply with local laws and regulations.