New Creature of Embodied AI

Unitree Go2

Infinite Revolution

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Unitree Go2

Scientific and Technological Sovereignty

Based on the technical innovation and the industrial leadership,
Unitree upgraded its technology, returning for

a smart and improved partner

Standard Ultra-wide 4D LIDAR upgrades Recognition system by 200%.

Go2 features with Unitree's self-developed 4D LIDAR L1 with 360°x90°hemispherical ultra-wide recognition, super small blind spot and a minimum detection distance as low as 0.05m, which makes Go2 realise all-terrain recognizing.

Embodied Intelligence: AI+Robot

GPT empowers
the new intelligent creature

to better understand the world and make decisions

Note: Use varies by country or region, please refer to actual situations.

Hangzhou Asian Games "robot dog superstar"

At the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, a robot dog transported discus and javelin on the field and became a superstar by the audience.

  • Advanced AI Mode

    Through large-scale AI simulation training, the Go2 robot has learned advanced gaits such as upside-down walking, adaptive roll-over, and climbing over obstacles, with excellent flexibility and stability at the same time

  • Various Actions and poses.

    Go2 boasts a variety of poses such as jumping, stretching, shaking hands, cheering, pouncing, and sitting down.

  • Battery capacity and endurance upgraded by 150%.

    Go2 is equipped with a battery capacity increased to 8,000mAh, as a 15,000mAh ultra-long life battery is optional, and a voltage increased to 28.8V to improve motor efficiency, power and stability.

  • Motor performance enhanced by 30%.

    Go2 boasts a peak joint torque of 45N.m[1], a new internal trace connecting technique, and heat pipe coolers to decrease temperature effectively.

  • ISS2.0 Intelligent Side-follow System

    By adopting the new wireless vector positioning and control technology, the positioning accuracy is technically upgraded by 50%, the remote control distance is over 30m[2], and combined with the optimised obstacle avoidance strategy, it can make the robot better traverse complex terrain

  • OTA Upgrades Keep improving and evolving to be smarter

    With user authorisation, the robot automatically connects to a cloud-based OTA service to upgrade its own programs to continuously improve the user experience.

Unitree Go2

New and improved interactive bionic quadruped robot
  • 4D LIDAR L1

    Super Recognition System

  • Approx. 5m/s

    Max Running Speed

    (tested in lab)

  • Approx. 45N.m

    Peak Joint Torque

  • Wi-Fi 6 /Bluetooth/4G

    Wireless Module

  • Approx. 2h—4h

    Ultra-long battery Endurance

    (Long battery life measured in real life)

  • ISS 2.0

    Intelligent Side-follow System

Intelligent Interaction

Have great fun with the APP

HD picture quality, real-time and stable[3].

A new App realizes HD image transmission and real-time remote monitor. Built-in 4G and eSIM enables more stable connection and remote control.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance, precise and sensitive

Keen detection, equipped with 4D LiDAR L1, for the owner to explore forward, intelligent obstacle avoidance, accurately capture and draw the 3D real world

Graphical programming, simple yet smarter.

Optimise the graphical programming function, make it easy to complete the program design by simple drag, drop and connection. Make programming beginners easy to start and innovate.

Pushing boundaries with technology

Equipped with more high-tech devices

Unitree Go2

returning with glory

leads the bionic robotics world.

  • AIR
  • PRO
  • EDU
*Available in diverse configurations, please contact Unitree for details.

    [1] The maximum torque in the table refers to the maximum torque of the largest joint motor; the actual maximum torque varies for the 12 joint motors.

    [2] In open environment without interference and blocking.

    [3] 3.Transformation and quality varies considerably in different network environments.

    [4] 8-core High-performance CPU :Supports a variety of modes, including advanced mode, AI mode, 3D LiDAR mapping, etc.

    [5] Voice functions include offline voice interaction, commands, intercom and music play.

    [6] For more information, please read the secondary development manual.

    [7] For more detailed warranty terms, please read the product warranty brochure.

    [8] The above parameters may vary in different scenarios and configurations, please subject to actual situation.

    [9] If any change in the appearance of the product, please refer to the actual product.

    [10] The 4G function of non-Chinese mainland version will only support 43 European countries (except Ukraine), and some Asian regions.

    *Tip: Limited to the current technique and computing power resources, part of function shall be realized human operation or secondary development.

    *This product is a civilian robot. We kindly request that all users refrain from making any dangerous modifications or using the robot in a hazardous manner.

    *Please visit Unitree Robotics Website for more related terms and policies, and comply with local laws and regulations.