Unitree B2

Go Beyond the Limits

Lead The Industry Application

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  • Fastest running industrial-grade quadruped robot at

    6m/s [1]

  • All-rounded to Cope with A Variety of Environments

    Excellent terrain adaptability to ensure stable travel on slippery or uneven surfaces.

  • Climbing stairs as if they were flat.

    Excellent sustained stair climbing, effortlessly tackling steps.

    Remains extremely stable and balanced when climbing.

  • 170% increase in joint performance with 360 N.m of torque

    Extreme performance provids greater flexibility and stability for industrial operations.

  • Overcoming obstacles. Stable and tough.

    Superior obstacle-crossing ability, easy to cross the mess of wood piles, 40cm high platforms and other obstacles

  • 100% increase in sustained

    load 200% increase in endurance

    100% increase in continuous walking with load greater than 40kg; continuous walking with 20kg load can last for greater than 4 hours with over 15km mileage.

    200% increase in endurance; unloaded continuous walking endurance greater than 5 hours with more than 20km mileage

Wheeled and Legged Forms

Breaking Through Endurance Limitations

Innovative structural design of the B2 realizes switching between legged and wheeled forms (optional).

Plug-in Battery

Stable and Reliable Autonomous Charging

B2 battery supports quick change and also supports autonomous charging solutions(optional),suitable for a wide range of solutions.

Unitree B2

Full-scene Adaptation, All-around Robot

  • Max Running Speed

    >6m/s [1]

  • Max Joint Torque

    About 360N.m

  • Longest Jump Distance


  • Ultra Load

    Standing load: 120kg max.

    Continuous walking load >40kg

  • Max Walking Capacity

    Obstacle crossing: Max 40cm

    Slope angle > 45°

  • Ultra Long Endurance

    Continuous walking without load >5h

    20kg load continuous walking >4h

Unitree B2 The Ubiquitous All-around Assistant

Leading Industrial Intelligence in All Scenarios.

Intelligent Power Solutions Industry Application Leader

—— Power Inspection

Working on all-terrain like Long Stairs, Rock Piles, Steep Slopes, etc.

—— Emergency Rescue

Infrared Scanning 3DMapping Optimized Environmental Perception

—— Industrial Inspection

Unitree B2

Brand New Intelligent Species