Unitree Go2

APP Download

    Interact Friendly App

    Clear UI layout, comprehensive and perfect function integration, to help you completely control your robot dog; Interact friendly control interface, gently click to realize the dance, than showing heart, jumping and other rich preset actions

    • HD Mapping and Stable 3D Point Cloud

      Real-time view of stable and high-definition mapping, synchronized with the viewpoint of the robot dog, ultra-vision remote control, also can take photos and videos

      Low-latency presentation of LIDAR scanning point cloud, easy to detect the boundaries of the action, to achieve accurate obstacle avoidance

    • Easy Graphical Programming

      The interface is simple and easy to understand, through the intuitive graphical drag-and-drop operation, you can make the robot dog operate according to the program you set;

      Provide high-level family children programming, the depth of the combination of science and technology and education, to take the lead in the development of children's creative consciousness

    • AI Model

      GPT large model support, you can chat with the robot dog, including humanities and history, arithmetic riddles and knowledge quizzes and so on.

      What's more, you can manipulate the robot dog by voice, let it give you New Year's greetings, handshake, play music, take photos and visual literacy maps, etc.

    • Continuous OTA Upgrade

      Provide cloud OTA program upgrades, robot dog features are getting richer and richer, the user experience continues to be upgraded

    • Rich Tutorial Videos and E-documents

      Provide detailed tutorial videos, so that you can easily self-taught on the robot dog;

      Built-in rich electronic documents, including the use, development and maintenance of the content

    • Recording Player, Robot Arm and more high-tech features

      Increasing interesting functions, such as recording player, etc., make the robot dog incarnate a propagandist;

      More high-tech configurations such as robotic arm can be directly controlled through App, which makes the experience more unified