Unitree Aliengo
  • Multi-view Depth

    Sensing Vision system

  • High Explosive

    Athletic Performance

  • Complex

    Terrain Adaption

  • Long Endurance

    & Super Load

  • Rich External

    Interfaces & Card Slots

  • Integrated

  • Advanced Level

    of Protection

  • Built-in Intelligent

    Air-cooling System

Excellent Sportiness
12 High-performance Servo Motors

It can easily realize special sports forms such as fast running, backward running, left and right side shifting, turning in place, creeping forward, rolling over, jumping, crossing obstacles, avoiding obstacles, climbing in place after falling to the ground, going up and down slopes/steps.

The maximum walking speed exceeds 1.5M/S.

The fuselage has a good ability to resist impact, and the fuselage can resist the impact load well when running, jumping, colliding with foreign objects and falling.

Good Stability

Even if there is external interference, the attitude can be quickly adjusted to achieve a stable operating state.

Force Control Technology of Joint Compound Control

It can realize the full control of 3-axis attitude and position, so it has strong multi-terrain adaptability and can operate stably on rugged gravel roads and grassland roads.

Good Openness

The software control interface is divided into high-level interface and the underlying interface control interface supports C/C++, ROS, etc.

Allows reading of all types of sensor data.

Allows control of a single motor or a single leg movement.

Rich External Interfaces

The developer version comes with an onboard PC and opens the corresponding interfaces.

Users are allowed to carry their own modules (such as vision cameras, lidar, robotic arms, GPS systems, etc.) for interactive control.

External interfaces include: HDMIx2, Ethernet port x2, USB 3.0x2, USB 2.0x1, 485 port x1.

Multi-view DeepSensing Vision

Depth Camerax2 sets

Global Shutter and Wide Field of View

Minimum Sensing depth of 0.11 meters

Up to 1280x720 Depth Resolution

Visual Odometer Camerax1 set

Highly optimized V-SLAM with a closed-loop offset of less than 1% and a delay of less than 6 milliseconds between attitude action and action reflection. The fisheye lens imager, combined with a near-hemispherical 163-± field angle, enables stable tracking with fast movement.

New Technology
Professional-Grade Quadruped Robot
Product Parameters
  • Weight (without battery)

    21.5kg ±1kg

    Encoder of Each Joint

    Motor Encoder x1、Output-end Encoder x1

  • Length*Width*Height(stand)


    Joint Cables are Fully Built-in


  • Length*Width*Height(fold)


    Physical Protection of Joint Torque


  • Load


    Reducer Wear Protection


  • Maximum Walking Speed


    HD Real-time Image Transmission


  • Climbing Angle


    External Interfaces


  • Endurance


    Real-time Operation System

    Movement Control:Ubuntu

    Environment Sensing:Ubuntu-ROS

  • Battery Capacity


    Sensing Function

    Depth Camera (2), Visual Odometer Camera (1)

    Lidar: Single or Multi-line (optional)

  • Degrees of Freedom (number of motors)


    Protection Mode

    Wireless Emergency Stop Protection, Fall Protection

  • Amount of Foot-end Sensors


    Sports Function

    Up and down steps, slopes, stairs

    Stand up on the ground / Roll over and stand up

    Supports walking, running and other high-performance gait development

  • Output Power


    Alarm System

    Low Voltage Alarm, Over-temperature Alarm

    Short Circuit Alarm, Overcharge Alarm

  • This parameter will be modified appropriately according to product improvements, upgrades and other reasons, without additional notice, and the actual product shall prevail in the end.

* This product is a civilian robot. We kindly request that all users refrain from making any dangerous modifications or using the robot in a hazardous manner.

* Please visit Unitree Robotics Website for more related terms and policies, and comply with local laws and regulations.