Unitree Robotics is a world-renowned civilian robotics company, which is focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of consumer and industry-class high-performance general-purpose legged and humanoid robots, six-axis manipulators, and so on.Unitree Robotics has been invited to attend the 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the opening ceremony of Winter Games 2022, the 2023 Super Bowl, The 19th Asian Games and The 4th Asian Para Games, and has been interviewed and reported by CCTV, BBC and other well-known media for many times.Unitree Robotics is the world‘s first company to start public retail of high-performance quadruped robots, and the first to achieve industry landing, with global sales leading over the years.

Unitree has excellent leadership in core robot parts, motion control, robot sensing and other comprehensive fields.

Unitree attaches great importance to independent research and development and technological innovation, fully self-researching key core robot components such as motors, reducers, controllers, LIDAR and high-performance perception and motion control algorithms, integrating the entire robotics industry chain, and reaching global technological leadership in the field of quadruped robots. At present, we have applied for more than 180 domestic patents and granted more than 150 patents all over the world, and we are a national high-tech certified enterprise and national "small giant" enterprise.