Teleoperation Robot Arm: Empowers Embodied Intelligence Research

Dual-Arm AI Teleoperation Kit

(Standard Edition)

$ 8500 (Tax and freight excluded)

Quad-Arm AI Teleoperation Kit

(Full Edition)

$ 16000 (Tax and freight excluded)

D1-T Ultra-Precision Force-Controlled Digital Servo Motor

Data Acquisition and Embodied Intelligent Assistant

Ultra-Precision Digital Force-Controlled Servo Motor
Equipped with position control, velocity control, and force control functions, suitable for application development and learning tasks in a wide range of scenarios. Through low-level and high-level interfaces, direct control of the servo motor and advanced functions can be achieved.
Ultra-Lightweight Robot Arm Body
The robot arm is made of aluminum alloy material and weighs only 2.37kg with an arm length of 670mm, maintaining a lightweight design.
Ultra-High Degrees of Freedom Control
A "true" six-axis robot arm, equipped with six joints and a gripper, adding one degree of freedom to provide greater flexibility and freedom of movement in space.
Ultra-Flexible Hardware Compatibility
The robot arm can be connected to external devices such as cameras, mobile robot chassis, etc., combined with different scene applications to achieve more diverse functions and gameplay.

D1-T Unleashes Ultra-High Degrees of Freedom

Creating Infinite Possibilities

Distinguished by its ultra-high degrees of freedom control, featuring six joints and a gripper as standard configuration, it provides greater flexibility in spatial movement, covering a wider range of motion.

D1-T Innovative Force-Controlled Interaction Technology

Expanding the Possibilities of AI Applications and Gameplay

A leading choice for embodied intelligent assistants, unlocking the limitless potential of data acquisition and continuous learning.

* This product is a civilian robot. We kindly request that all users refrain from making any dangerous modifications or using the robot in a hazardous manner.

* Please visit Unitree Robotics Website for more related terms and policies, and comply with local laws and regulations.