Unitree's story

About Unitree

Unitree Robotics is a energetic start-up company that focuses on the development, production and sales of high-performance quadruped robots. It has been interviewed by BBC and CCTV, and is one of the earliest company to publicly sell quadruped robots.

The company has an outstanding leadership in developing robot core components, motion control, robot perception, etc.

We attaches great importance to research and development, and thus independently developed the motors, reducers, controllers, and even some sensors of the quadruped robot.

Company History

During his postgraduate study, Xingxing Wang, current CEO of Unitree, developed a robot dog named 'XDog' (X for a sense of mystery). A prototype as the robot is, the entire development process includes control simulation, selection of PMSMs, PCB design, single leg design and software development.

XDog and its videos are spread worldwide and gained attention in mass media. Xingxing, an employee of DJI at that time, decided to quit the job and start a company. With the help of an angel investor, Unitree was born officially.

The quadruped robot Laikago was born (named after the space dog 'Laika'). Compared with its prototype, Laikago has more reasonable shapes, more powerful motors and better stability.

Released Aliengo, which is a quadruped robot for professional usage. A new power system was adopted, and the level of integration was greatly improved.

During CES 2020, A1 was released. A1 is targeting at the education market and has an affordable price. The maximun speed of A1 is over 3.3m/s, which make A1 the fastest small to medium size quadruped robot in China.

24 A1 dogs in bull uniform danced on the CCTV 2021 Spring Festival Gala.

Released Go1, which is budget friendly and excels at motion sensing. Go1 is capable of running at 4.7m/s, and is featured with Intelligent Side-Follow System (ISS), Super Sensory System (SSS) and built-in powerful AI.